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Make sure that all older wireless driver versions/utilities are removed from your system before you install a new driver!
Bitte Stellen Sie sicher, das Sie alle alten Wlan Treiber und Hilfsprogramme deinstallieren bevor Sie neue Wlan Treiber installieren!


Generic Atheros Driver WINDOWS XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 for the following Atheros Chipsets:

AR5001X, AR5002X, AR5002G, AR5004X, AR5004G, AR5004A , AR5005G, AR5005GS, AR5006X, AR5006XS, AR5006EXS, AR5006EX, AR5006EGS, AR5006EG, AR5006GS, AR5006GS, AR5006G, AR5006, A5007G, AR5007EG

Suitable for the following cards: Gigabyte GN-WI07HT, GN-WI01GT
, GN-WIAG02, GN-WI01HT, Sparklan WMIA-123AG, WMIA-166AG, WMIA-165G,WPEA-165G, WPEA-154G, WPEA-123A, WPEA-110N, Compex WLM54G, WLM54AG, Zcom XG-622H, XA-622H, AG623C, XG-623GH, Senao/Engenious NMP-8602 Plus, NMP-8602 Plus S, NMP-8601 Plus, NMP-8603, Mikrotik R52, R52H, Wistron CM6, CM9, CM10, DCMA-82, DCMA-83, DCMA-85, CM11-HP, CM10-HP,Askey WLL3090, WLL3091, WLL3092,  Alfa Network AWPCI085H, AWPCI085S, AWPCI085L, JJPLUS JA25MPR, MA25MPC, MA25MPA
Works also with all other Atheros based wireless cards with the chipsets mentioned above !


Version    WHQL VERSION - Driver ONLY     
Version  Driver ONLY  
Version    Version with Client Utility and WlanMon
Version   Recommended Stable Version with Client Utility - Empfohlene Version mit Client Utility
Version  Version Date 08/22/2014  Win 7/8 32/64 Bit support

Generic Atheros 802.11N Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
/Windows 8 for:
Atheros AR5008-3NX , AR9280 (Merlin), AR9281, AR2983, AR9285, AR9287, AR9380, AR9382, AR9280,AR9580, AR9590, AR9390, AR9582, AR9592, MB82, AR9220, AR9223, AR922X Chipset, AR9485, AR1111 - Atheros XSPAN Chipset, Engenious/Senao EMP-7605, Z-Com XN-623, Sparklan WMIA-198N, WMIA-209G, Mikrotik R52N, JJPLUS 
MA55MP0, MA55MP1,  ExpressRange2, WPEA-110N, WPEA-111N, WPEA-127N,WPEA-127NI, WPEA-121N, Compex WLE300NX, WLM200NX. WLE300N5, WLE350NX, JWX6051, JWX6082                 

Version    Version with Client Utility and WlanMon !
Version    Recommended Stable Version with Client Utility - Empfohlene Version mit Client Utility
Version    Recommended Stable Version  - Empfohlene Version  - WIN 7 / 8 support
Version  Version Date 08/22/2014  Win 7/8 32/64 Bit support

Generic Atheros 802.11N Windows XP/ Windows 7
only driver for Atheros AR9285+AR3011 WIFI + Bluetooth Combo Card including Wifi+Bluetooth Client Utility Software

Version Windows XP
Version Windows 7

Generic Atheros 802.11N Windows XP/7/8 
driver for Atheros AR9462 WIFI + Bluetooth Combo Card ( Sparklan WPEA-251N(BT) , Lite-On WCBN611AH )  including Wifi+Bluetooth Client Utility Software

Version WINDOWS 7
Version WINDOWS 8                                                                                                                                                

Ubiquiti SR71-E Highpower  minipci-express Windows 2000/XP/Vista Driver/Windows 7
Version 1.2.4   CountryCode change support added!

Atheros open source Linux Driver
Atheros 802.11n  ATH9k open source Linux Driver


Windows , Mac OS X und Linux Treiberdownload RALINK RT2500/RT2501/RT2600/RT2800/RT2860/RT30xx Chipsatz  
Gigabyte GN-WIKG, GN-WI01GS, GN-WI30N, GN-WS30HN-RH, SparkLAN WMIR-168AG,  WMIR-215GN, WMIR-200N , Alfa Network AWUS046N, AWUS036NH, AWUS036NEH, AWUS050NH, AWUS051NH, UBDo-25t, UBDo-nt8 , JJPLUS NR25UAJ
Generic MediaTek Ralink Driver/ Treiber <--- hier klicken für Treiberdownload.

Sparklan WPER-101GN(BT) Half Size MINI PCI Express Card  802.11b/g/N 150 Mbit  Bluetooth 3.0+HS Combo Karte  
mit Ralink RT3090BC4 Chipsatz

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8 Wireless Lan & Multilanguage Bluetooth Driver  & Utility Software
Download HERE

Ralink WIN CE 5.0 & 6.0  driver for x86 and ARM platform available on request for all Ralink Chipsets.  

CE Erklärung für Alfa Network AWUS036NH finden sie HIER


Driver download   Realtek USB RTL8187L Chipset  for  XP/Vista/Win 7
Alfa Network 500mw USB Highpower Adapter Model BWUS036H, AWUS036EH , AWUS036, Highpower USB Adapter U20G

RTL8187L  Driver with adjustable TX power !  >CLICK<< HERE

RTL8187L  Treiber mit regulierbarer Sendeleistung für AWUS036H und AWUS036EH >CLICK<<

Driver Download Realtek PCI / Minipci RTL8185B Chipset  WIN 98/2000/XP/VISTA 

Alfa Network AWPCI06RH Highpower Minipci card


Broadcom Crystal HD Video Decoder Drivers:

Driver download  for BCM70012/BCM70015/BCM970015 Broadcom Crystal HD Video Decoder 


Broadcom 802.11AC Wlan Driver

Broadcom BCM4352 BCM94352HMB 802.11AC + Bluetooth minipci-e module - alle Hersteller - all Manufacturers

Windows 7 Driver

Windows 8 Driver